Cadet is an innovative wine and beer bar in downtown Napa, California. The tone from the start was set with black foil and neon pink and metallic gold inks which reflects the attitude the founders have towards the ordinarily stuffy wine world. Our collaboration began with the design of their first menu and expanded to signage, business cards, lighters, pens, and more.

After four years of a growing cellar, their first menu of three pages on a clipboard had expanded to a cramped and unwieldy 11 pages which led us to a redesign. The new design moves to a narrow vertical format with custom built binders, tabs, and redesigned layout, all to make everything more accessible. This also encouraged us to make the food menu a separate piece. The files themselves were built in a way to make it easy to update them daily.

Their social accounts were also in need of a template that could allow them to feature their weekly events in a consistent way. This has evolved yearly starting with geometric shapes to typographic based to image based.